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Updating ubuntu from cd

If you’re not willing to dual boot 17.10 with Windows, or Mac OS, select “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” instead.

Moving on to the next page of the installer brings up the keyboard layout options.

Chances are, Ubuntu has automatically figured out your locale and layout.

If not, select it in the list, then select “continue”.

Often times, operating systems have their own bootable ISO making tools (like Windows and Mac).

If you’ve already got a tool in mind to use on these types of operating systems, do so.

This screen has two choices: “Try Ubuntu”, and “Install Ubuntu”.

When the installation is complete, the “finished” message will appear.On the “where are you” screen, use the world map, click on the country (or city) closest to where you live, then click the “continue” button to move on. ”, take the time to fill out your name, the name of your PC, and your username.The last part of the installation process for Ubuntu 17.10 is the most important. Fill out the password for this new user and be sure to use a secure password!There are two different ways to upgrade from the current release of Ubuntu to 17.10.In this guide, we’ll cover both the terminal method, and the upgrade manager tool.

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