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Teen dating violence cases

Because mom is struggling to survive, she is often not present for her children.

Because dad is so consumed with controlling everyone, he also is not present for his children.

These children become physically, emotionally and psychologically abandoned.

What behaviors do children who witness domestic violence exhibit?

The behavioral responses of children who witness domestic violence may include acting out, withdrawal, or anxiousness to please.

The children may exhibit signs of anxiety and have a short attention span which may result in poor school performance and attendance.

Some children may also experience physical or sexual abuse or neglect.

Others may be injured while trying to intervene on behalf of their mother or a sibling.

Seeing their mothers treated with enormous disrespect, teaches children that they can disrespect women the way their fathers do.Children who grow up observing their mothers being abused, especially by their fathers, grow up with a role model of intimate relationships in which one person uses intimidation and violence over the other person to get their way.Because children have a natural tendency to identify with strength, they may ally themselves with the abuser and lose respect for their seemingly helpless mother.Witnessing can mean SEEING actual incidents of physical/and or sexual abuse.It can mean HEARING threats or fighting noises from another room.

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What are the feelings of children who are exposed to battering?

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