Outlook shared folders not updating

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To find out about that PST, right-click on the top level item and then select Properties: That will give you the Properties dialog for that specific PST file: Now click the Advanced…button: And there, right in the middle of everything, is the Filename and the full path to the PST.PST stands for “Personal STore” – as in your personal mail storage.PST files are actually fairly complex databases that contain your mail, your calendar, your contacts, and even more when you use Microsoft Office’s Outlook mail program.If it’s too long to display in the allotted space, you can click in the item and arrow back and forth to scroll the text right and left.

of data, ideally kept in a different location than the original.

In Windows 8, I simply started typing *at the Start screen, which means any file that ends in .pst: I realize that it’s a little difficult to see above, but underneath the search box that appeared as soon as I started typing, I click Files to limit the search result to files (as opposed to Apps or Settings).

The result is that on the left, any PST files found are displayed.

You may also see additional top-level entries for other email accounts or PST files that you have opened manually.

The key is that each top-level item represents a separate PST.

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The advantage of the PST is that it is a single file; all information can be copied to another machine or backed up simply by operating on that single file.

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  1. Both SP2 and SP3 were installed on both computers as part of the XP installations. IMO, you should have attempted it as soon as the install with the primary XP disc was complete. But since you mentioned that "SP2 and SP3 were installed on both computers as part of the XP installations" it seems that you may have waited until after you installed the SP's. forgive if I missed something, or got confused somewhere...1.