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And women take note; this is the kind of move that works both ways. Spread Legs: This implies an invitation of sorts, and it’s considered a primal move that men tend to do subconsciously.

says men do this to make themselves appear taller, hotter, and more attractive.

2 Dilated Pupils: Eye contact is one thing, but dilated pupils are hard to fake.

Science has proven that a person’s eyes dilate when she sees something she finds attractive.

At that point, shift your eye contact to a nearby facial feature as a focal point.

A popular place to divert eye contact without looking away is the space between their eyes right above the nose near the middle of the forehead. The lips are especially great place to look to indicate some level of attraction and build chemistry.

“If he’s telling you something private or secret, it’s a good thing—guys don’t do that to women they’re not into,” he said.The Goldilocks Principle follows that everything falls into a category of one extreme or another if not somewhere in between those two extremes.In the case of eye contact in dating, too much can come off as slightly agressive and even intimidating, while too little can be portrayed as a lack of interested in the person trying to communicate with you.It’s important to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation because it shows that you are listening and that you are present with them as opposed to thinking about something else or tuning them out completely.After about 5-7 seconds of eye contact, that’s when you start to feel like you may be staring.

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