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Independent fundamental baptist dating

The beginnings of the IFB movement I believe can be traced to the mid 1800's in America.Events such as the beginnings of the Church of Christ and the growing threat of "higher criticism" caused many Christians to rally around their core doctrines.Let’s break down the words: Independent is a term for churches that emphasize the local church and do not follow a denominational body or convention (as opposed to Southern Baptists who have a convention). There is no pope or board that will lord over pastors in independent churches.

You cannot judge a single Independent Baptist church and generalize all churches like it.

Personally, I do see many similarities in the two though Landmarkers take many of their positions further. In his battles with state and national Baptist conventions, he led the way for Independent Baptist thought and practice.

In the years leading up the twentieth century, "higher criticism" turned into "modernism" as liberal theology spread. His influence is credited with bringing Fundamentalism into Baptist circles.

The IFB hold their pastors as high authorities, rightly or wrongly, as there is no pope or conventional overseers.

Discipled IFB keep their pastors in check with the Bible. (But to be fair, there are scandals in all churches and even in the secular world)Not all IBs and IFBs are the same.

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