Dating single dads ireland

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Dating single dads ireland

Homelessness, financial poverty, social alienation and isolation, depression, alcoholism, drug-taking, domestic abuse or suicide, are all part of the picture.Non-resident fathers may find that the mother sometimes acts as a “gatekeeper,” preventing them from exercising their legally-entitled guardianship, joint custody, or access rights.People say, “There is no smoke without fire”, even though there is smoke and no fire where the man is innocent and the mother goes un-punished.The group is respectfully non-judgmental, and treats each father as being the best he can be in the circumstances.On the other hand, courts do imprison fathers who cannot afford to pay child maintenance, or who break access.Many judges in family courts have minimal family law training, making their rulings uninformed and non-standardised.The mostly male Garda are more sympathetic to the mother, and the mainly female social services often display an anti-male attitude.

Paradoxically, the child’s grand-parents have an entitlement of up to twenty-six hours access per month, while the father has none at all!No political party or major figure in Irish life is willing to tackle these issues.Some politicians are themselves separated, but their position and wealth has sheltered them from homelessness or the precarious legal and financial difficulties that most non-resident fathers endure.He reported this to Social Services, who, on investigation, found nothing wrong! to Dublin, Christmas presents in hand, his ex told him he was not seeing his child, and slammed the door in his face, even though he had a court order granting access.On contacting the Gardaí in Dublin, he was told to go back to court!

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The mother may utilise her discriminatory constitutional and systemic advantage against him.

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