Blizzard updater stuck at updating setup files dating apartment staff

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Blizzard updater stuck at updating setup files

Regardless, for me it kept spitting output to STDOUT, which turned out to be useful. At this point, it finished updating the setup files and proceeded to show me this: This remained at zero for a full 20 minutes.

Apparently, this is happening to lots of other people.

I got tons of them that drowned out the other important piece regarding the Request and Response.There is an icon with a small CD disk imposed on top of the usual Wo W icon. Then, run in order to generate a new folder (I’d keep the original terminal open, so you can watch for when a new Agent.$some_number folder appears): Once the Launcher starts and you can see the new folder, kill the Launcher process.The install will eventually fail here and reference an error “BLZPTS00007” . You can also close the other terminal that you used to watch for the new Agent.$some_number folder.Regardless, I noticed that the Agent was still running and giving strange output: Recomputing Progress 13103.267840, 20028.850176, 0.903861 On Progress: source = 3 section = 1 progress=1287651328 ,3,1,1287651328 Recomputing Progress 13104.578560, 20028.850176, 0.914620 On Progress: source = 3 section = 1 progress=1288962048 ,3,1,1288962048 Recomputing Progress 13105.364992, 20028.850176, 0.937675 On Progress: source = 3 section = 1 progress=1289748480 ,3,1,1289748480 I decided to kill all , Wo W, and pids and start at it again. I deleted all Agent.$some_number folders that had collected (two of them in my case) and attempted to run the launcher again, which apparently has a new name: $ pwd /home/preston/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/All Users/Application Data/ $ ls | grep Agent Agent.1024 Agent.1363 $ rm -r Agent.1024 Agent.1363 $ cd .wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/World\ Of\ Warcraft/ $ wine World\ of\ Warcraft\ Incremental patch: -source url: -dest: C:\windows\profiles\preston\Temp\Blizzard\Agent Update_B62A766D\a-1040-1363Updater Impl - Applying incremental patch failed. First, delete Agent.1040 (or any other Agent.$some_number folder).Updater Impl - ERROR: Blizzard Updater is unable to write to this location because it is a system directory. Then, run the launcher again: At this point, you’re back to “updating setup files.” Just let this fail out in a few minutes.

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