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According to the poll: Mr Abe's lead in the polls should not be read as outright support — it is merely a reflection of a lack of choice.That same poll showed that 51 per cent of respondents did not want Mr Abe to remain as Prime Minister.When Governor Koike launched the Party of Hope, she unveiled a platform named "The Twelve Zeroes".It was a plan to eliminate nuclear power, childcare waiting lists, ugly power lines, crowded trains and hay fever, among other things.In just three weeks, all the excitement around the alternative parties petered out, and voters do not appear ready to back an untested party."The Abe administration obviously is trying to take advantage of this as well, selling the image that they have the experience, they have the stability and Japan's in a time economically and in security terms that it needs that stable hand," Mr Miller said.A poll conducted by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper this week shows Mr Abe is expected to win re-election, but that does not mean he is popular.Mr Abe supports Japan retaining nuclear power; 55 per cent of voters say they hope nuclear power will be abolished. At the last national election, about 50 per cent of eligible voters turned out to vote. This means that Mr Abe was elected by a quarter of the eligible voters.

I talk about it with my family, not so much with friends," she said.

When she was no longer seen as an alternative prime minister, the buzz about her in the Japanese media quietened.

Voters switched off."Her own hedging about whether or not she would run for office and the waffling on that I think that took some of the shine off her party in the initial stages," said Jonathan Berkshire Miller, a senior visiting fellow with the Japan Institute of International Affairs in Tokyo.

The next morning, he wakes up the woman, asking her about the ladder which “had vanished from the place it had been the night before” (46).

Niki’s source of escape has been taken from him, causing the rope ladder to become a strong symbol of his imprisonment.

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